There will be a special Introductory Session based on the workshop theme “Quality from End to End”.  The session will begin with a historical perspective and finish with future developments.  Introductory Session participants are:

  1. Peter Spain, "Ancestry of ADCPs", Teledyne RD Instruments.
  2. Rick Cole & Darryl Symonds, "A 25 Year Collaboration Using ADCPs", RDSEA International Inc.; Teledyne RD Instruments.
  3. Janice Fulford, Brandy Armstrong and Kirk G. Thibodeaux, "Workgroup for Hydraulic Laboratory Testing and Verification of Hydraulic Instrumentation", Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility, USGS, Stennis.
  4. Eugene Terray & Scott Haven, "Surface Wave Measurements from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle", Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Laredo Petroleum, Inc.
  5. Tyler MacCready, "Multiscale Vorticity from a Swarm of Drifters", Ocean Lab.